copy of order dated 08-04-2016


1.    Whereas,there is a mushrooming of BPOs (Business process outsourcing Centers)prominently known as Call Centers, Corporate houses, Media Houses, companies,organizations and firms in Delhi and other parts of the NCR offering employmentopportunity for the youth.

2.    Andwhereas, the employees including young women from across the country have beenstaying in various parts of Delhi while their work place may be in the NCRregion and their employers are providing cab service for the purpose of pickingup and dropping them from their places of stay to office and back. As theseorganizations are functioning round the clock, the cabs are ferrying employeeseven at late night hours. Such employers are reported to have hired cabs oncontract basis and have not been able to properly monitor these cab operatorsand their drivers for ensuring safe and secure transportation of the employeesresulting in grave danger to human life, safety and security of the employees,especially of women employees.

3.    Andwhereas, it has come to notice that certain criminal and anti-social elementslook for soft targets, particularly during odd hours and the women employees who travel during late night hours arevulnerable to crime and criminal acts by such elements, if they are not droppedsecurely and safely at their places of stay.

4.    Andwhereas, it is rendered imperative to put some regulatory checks onorganizations having such service of picking and dropping their employees andtransporters, security agencies, drivers and security guards involved in thesame so that anti-social and criminal elements may not cause danger to humanlife and safety and their property and it is felt that immediate action isnecessary in this regard.

5.    Now,therefore, in exercise of the powers conferred upon me by the virtue of section144 Cr.P.C. 1973 (No. 2 of 1974) read with Govt. of India, Ministry of HomeAffairs, New Delhi’s Notification No. U-11036/(i) UTL dated 09.09.2010. I, RohitMeena IPS, ACP/KalyanPuri, do hereby make this written orderthat all such organizations like BPOs, Corporate and Media Houses, having thesystem of picking up and dropping their employees and the concernedtransporters, security agencies, drivers and security guards in thejurisdiction of Sub-Division KalyanPuri, East District, Delhi shall :-


a.   Maintain adatabase of all employees, security personnel, cab drivers and contractualworkers working with them, for access by the police as and when required.

b.   Hire  security personnel and other contractualpersonnel as far as possible from licensed agencies only.

c.    Ensureverification of antecedents of all their employees including contractualemployees.

d.   Ensure thatwomen employees are not made to travel alone with the cab driver and a dulyverified security guard or a male colleague (Regular employee of the company)is invariably deployed in each cab carrying women staff during night hours i.e.8 PM to 7 AM.

e.    Choose theroute in such a manner that as far as possible a woman employee is not thefirst one to be picked up or the last one to be dropped.

f.     Ensure thatduring  night hours the cab involved intransportation of women employees picks up and drops such employees right attheir houses, remains halted at the point where a woman employee has beendropped till she confirms her arrival/reaching at their residence/place of staythrough a telephone call.

g.    Ensurethat, whenever the house of a woman employee is so located that the approachroad is not motorable, the duly verified security guard or the male colleague,during night hours, accompanies the employee on foot up to her house and takesa confirmation about her safe arrival.

h.   Exerciseeffective check and control on the vehicle’s movement in order to check anyunwarranted activities of the cab drivers, such as picking up strangers,straying away from the designed route etc.

i.     Get GPSSystem installed in the cabs used in transportation of such employees,especially women employees.

6.    Theseorders shall come into force with effect from 08.04.16 and shall remain in force fora period of 60 days i.e. up to 06.06.16(Both Days Inclusive) unless withdrawn earlier.

7.    Any person/ employer / transporter etc. contravening these orders shall be liable to bepunished in accordance with the provision of Sec. 188 of the IPC, and

8.    As thenotice cannot be served individually on all concerned, the order is herebypassed ex-parte. It shall be published for the information of the publicthrough the press and by affixing copies on the notice board of the offices ofall DCsP, Addl. DCsP, ACsP, Tehsil offices, all police stations concerned andthe offices of NDMC and MCD. 




                                                                        ASSTT.COMMISSIONER OF POLICE

                                                                        SUB-DIVISION KALYANPURI NEW DELHI



No.1718-1817/R-/ACP/KalyanPuri dated, Delhi the 08.04.2016.